I love starting a new project. Dreaming it up. Having the vision. Making the commitment.

All of those stages are so exciting and energizing.

But then, it’s time to sit down and face the blank page. To start turning those ideas into words. Actions. Next steps.

It can be paralyzing.
Have you ever just been stuck at the starting line? Overwhelmed. Not sure where to begin?

As a publisher, I faced the starting line every month with a new issue of my print publications.

It’s something I face every day as an entrepreneur who is building a business.

And, as a human, who is crafting a life.

It’s never easy. Coming face to face with the starting line. The resistance that ensues.

And, while my tendency is just to start at the starting line – questioning everything…I just have to remind myself that the first step doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to move you over that line.


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