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I wish someone had told me…

I wish someone would have been there to share this information with me when I was struggling. About 15 years ago, as a mother, I was beside myself. At wits’ end. I didn’t know what to do. Most people in my life probably didn’t even know it because I ‘keep it together’ pretty well. But, here’s what was really going on at my house. I didn’t know how to be a good mom for my youngest child Kady. She was about 10 at the time. It had been going on… Read More

Why Intermittent Fasting May Not be Good for You

Humans are so fun to watch! We are always looking for the latest and greatest strategy to improve our health, increase our energy and extend our life span.  Every few years or so, a new trend comes along that promises to catapult our health in a better direction. And, every time, we fall for it…hook, line & sinker.  I’ve been studying nutrition long enough to notice these patterns and, simultaneously, I’ve been in the game long enough to offer some perspective. Which is why I feel compelled to share why intermittent… Read More

Hats. Bald Spots. And, what lies beneath.

Ihave worn many hats in my lifetime. You probably have, too. I’ve been thinking a lot about those various roles and personas lately as I’ve been shifting everything in my life – from my living environment to my work environment to my social environment.  A little back story. Last month, we moved from one city to another. Only 18 miles away, but still, a different city. In this move, we traded our 3BR / 3BA suburban lifestyle for a 1BR / 1BA high-rise kind of lifestyle, complete with off-the-hook amenities…. Read More

The True Purpose of Menopause

For a while, it seemed pretty common to hear stories about young women giving birth to babies and then leaving the baby in a dumpster somewhere. Remember that? I haven’t heard any stories like this lately. (To be honest, I didn’t want to Google to find out. I have a feeling it is probably still happening and that our world has just gotten so crazy, these stories don’t even make it to the top of our newsfeed anymore – which is a whole other topic. But, I digress.) The thing is…every… Read More

Where do I begin?

I love starting a new project. Dreaming it up. Having the vision. Making the commitment. All of those stages are so exciting and energizing. But then, it’s time to sit down and face the blank page. To start turning those ideas into words. Actions. Next steps. It can be paralyzing. Have you ever just been stuck at the starting line? Overwhelmed. Not sure where to begin? As a publisher, I faced the starting line every month with a new issue of my print publications. It’s something I face every day… Read More